Looking for a custom sewn manufacturer to supply you masks, clothing etc? Look no further!

So why should you choose Pinsarani?

Fast Turnarounds

Our custom sewn items are quick.  At Pinsarani aim to have your custom sewn item in 5-7 business days.  Other methods can take weeks.


Smaller Batches

Our process works well with low minimum orders. 


Superior Quality

With our seamstresses having over 20 years of experience, our stitching is  high quality, our fabric is vibrant, and all our materials are of great quality. 


Support Local

When you purchase from us, not only are you supporting 1 business, you are supporting multiple. All our materials are purchased locally from small businesses near us. 

Sustainable Approach

Our items are made to order. Meaning we do not produce high quantity to keep a high inventory. We make our items as we get an order. It's a far more ethical and sustainable approach because there is no overproduction, reducing the risk of excess unwanted stock going to landfill.


Certified Hand Made in Ontario 

Hand created products are made to the highest quality because the maker understand the value of each piece. Handcrafted work is built to last. 


Ability to Customize

Our products are handmade, therefore it allows all our clients the ability to design their custom sewn product to how they like. 

Wide selection of Fabric

As a client, you are welcome to bring your own material, or choose from our wide variety of fabric.